Bedtime stories

Alan's big Scary Teeth

This great book written by Jarvis tells the tale of Alan who likes to scare all the other animals until one day he only makes them laugh. What will happen now? Find out as Mrs Priestley reads the story.

Titus' Troublesome Tooth

Titus the goat eats everything until the day he wakes up with a terrible toothache. Whatever will he do? Find out as Mrs Priestley reads the story to you.

This is the Bear

This is a tale of Bear's adventure and one of Nursery's key stories. Read by Mrs Priestley

The Wonky Donkey

The growing tale of a donkey that is rather wonky. Read by Mrs Priestley

Shh We Have a Plan

The nursery children just love this tale of some hunters who are just no good at hunting! Find out what happens as Mrs Priestley reads to you.

Superato Run Veggies Run

The hilarious tale of our Superhero Supertato saving his veggie friends from Evil Pea. Read by Mrs Priestley

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